Ultimate Guide to Winning a Hackathon


What I learned after 40 Hackathons

Jason Calacanis wrote a post on How to Win a Hackathon — which is a thoughtful read on the topic. After being involved in over 40 hackathons as participant, I thought sharing my experience would be valuable.

I attended my first hackathon in 2012, I considered myself an “ideas guyat the time, which is someone who has a lot of ideas but can’t implement them. But after the first one, I was hooked. I loved the thrill of having only 24 hours to develop something and the ability to work with great teams of people.

In going to hackathons, I learned a lot, fast. And along the way changed from being an ideas guy to a real programmer, someone who was capable of building my dreams. I ended up participating in a lot of hackathons, over 40 of them (listed here) and won at over 20 of them. The strategies and tactics I learned are below:


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