Slack to Buffer Integration Prototype


User Request
User Questions
  • How did you come up the idea / request to want to Buffer a link in the Slack command line?
  • How often do you share links with your team or community in Slack?
  • What are your current methods to Buffer links you found in Slack?
  • How many social media accounts do you have connected to Buffer?
Assumptions to Validate
  • The number of Buffer users that also use Slack
  • How many Slack links are not buffered
  • Who are the targeted user?
  • How accessible is it to use via Slack mobile
User Usage
  • Slack Autocomplete Command
    • Description: Send CHANNEL | URL | TEXT to Buffer
    • Hint: [twitter | facebook | all] [URL] [your message]
Features Backlog
  • Authenticate Slack application
  • Each user need to authenticate their Buffer account
    • Buffer account ID match up to Slack account ID
  • Return success and error message to User
  • User can select which Buffer social media accounts to buffer to
  • User receive error message on cap post limit
  • User can send text only without URL
    • Detect if URL placeholder is not URL format, route following string as Text
Chores Backlog
  • Case insensitive on channel command
    • “twitter” vs. “Twitter” vs. “TWITTER”
  • Reduce timeout sequences
    • Update server capacities
  • Send error message if text is not URL format
  • User can type /buffer help to find command list
  • User can put in a schedule on the Slack command line to buffer to
    • Parse variation of time stamps
  • Links are parsed to identify image and media as well as the meta description
  • User can share to multiple accounts rather than “All”
    • Require refactor code to split command line message
  • User can share image
  • User can use option “Share Now”
  • Buffer posts are tagged with “via Slack”
  • Team Admin can view log of links Buffer-ed
  • Replace Slack bot icon with Buffer icon
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