Salesmoto: My First Project

Focus on pre-sales delivery within this marketplace by providing better web User Interface and Experience approach to connect buyers and sellers.

Also translating professional Sales Lessons into technology add-on’s; for example, personalize pitches and customer engagement is more important than quotations, so buyers can report (like spam) whether or not the vendors have provided a quality answer or a typical copy-and-paste pitch.

It began as an Intern at a 3rd-party-logistics firm, I conducted cold calling to find new prospects – as a techie, logically it was not a very good approach. Or when I was researching for a 3PL software, I had a hard time with the selection process and reaching out to the right software vendors. After being both a buyer and a seller, I realize there was a disconnect [buyers couldn’t reach sellers, sellers couldn’t reach buyers] – and thus a marketplace would be a viable platform to increase pre-sale connectivity and allow companies to value service over pricing (price, something we don’t want to primarily focus on).

B2B relationships should be focus on value-added first, and cost second. And price is less of a factor if it is a Service marketplace rather than a Product marketplace.

Learned: Enterprise, Marketplace, Product Design, Product Development, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, CMS, Request for Proposals, Buyer Vendor Relationship

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