Science generates more than 10 terabytes of data per day. However, the tools scientists use to analyze and collaborate on scientific data are severely outdated. The result is that our datasets are vastly underutilized and progress – whether a cure for a disease or a new scientific breakthrough – is painfully slow.

OmniScience seeks to disrupt the antiquated system of academic science communication and make science open, transparent, and efficient. We are building a platform for scientific data, analysis, and collaboration. The foundation for this platform will be a knowledge base of raw academic datasets, broken down by category (method, subject, disease etc) and linked together. Users will have access to raw data that is put into the context of every field of science (i.e., cancer research will be linked to environmental research), allowing for a more collaborative environment for scientists to work between fields.

The goal is to be the Google of science by providing all the tools necessary to advance science using technology. Building towards this broader vision, our first project is a tool for scientists to analyze their datasets and extract results. The tool will allow scientists to post data (publicly or privately) into the cloud, easily conduct basic analysis and visualizations, and compare their datasets to other related datasets. We already built a simple version of the tool during a weekend competition, and are now using the summer to develop a fully functioning prototype.

Winner – Angelhack DC Jun. 2013
Silicon Valley Pitch – Sept. 2013

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