Naptar – Benefit & Assistance Calendar App

Naptár provides knowledge and education about government assistance, services within the community, employment news, and family discount built on top of a calendar application for activities to become actionable, and low-income families to take advantage of these resources.

Distribution Strategy
B2B – Employers
Allow employees to keep track of billings, deadline, government assistance
Take advantage of free classes to advance skills
B2C – Community Leaders
Assist community members to receive government aids
Connect members to events

Initial Barrier (Pre-app)
Language Dependency
Confidence / Asking for Help
Community vs. Strangers
Late to apply
Don’t know where to get assistance
Don’t know if qualify

Uneven income
Mental Budgeting
Paying bills late

Enablement (Post-app)
Community Resources
Distribution to a group
Applying on time
Now know where to get assistance
Qualification based on Profile

Income anticipation
Smartphone Reminder
Paying bills on time

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