PocketHealth: Health Resolution



  1. Goto http://good2doapp.com/NYR/demo/index.html
  2. Sign in with username: garychan and password: gary
  3. For demonstration purpose: Click Reload to initiative sample loading of the tasks.



  • For Blue Button Plus Design Challenge: August 5th
  • Combine PHR and EHR in an innovate way without touches from doctors, hospitals or insurance. Patient centric application.


  • Use Blue Button Plus API to pull your electronic health record;
    • If it finds you have above average blood sugar level, automatically set a goal
  • User can accept (commitment) or decline    // New Year Resolution
  • Reminder SMS or Push notification for future doctor visit
  • Also connect Online Health Articles to educate patient on set goal
    • If new doctor visit & new health record indicate you pass average blood sugar level, then goal is checked off
  • Timeline interface: users can post a daily health journal.



  • If new health record indicate you did not pass average, then
    • Use Paypal API to donate user’s money to NYC charity organizations
  • Add multi language if needed
  • Gamification option like GymPact (app that pays you!)


NYR-timelineNYR-timeline3 NYR-timeline2 NYR-timeline5

FUN EXTENSION worked at Techcrunch Hackathon:

LifeBark! – Amazing Race with your Dog

Dog Owners who have illness such as Obesity or Depression are given a set of challenges to complete with them and their dogs. The dog and the owner each will wear a FitBit. LifeBark! allow for getting analytics and completion to tackle better health together. Using SAP HANA, they can also connect with other dog owners and dogs on LifeBark! ‘s network – view their exercise activities and read about their inspirational stories for a healthier lifestyle.


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