Hashtag Emails




  • Emails are lost in the Inbox, because our inboxes are cluttered with important and non-important emails
  • Much of the content still lives in Emails today, however are not shared
  • When emails are “shared”, users are bombarded with too frequent CC’s
  • Search currently aren’t optimized enough to quickly find relevant content


  • Hashtagging organize emails regardless of subject title
  • Discussions and FYI emails can be followed by invite reducing CC emails
  • Emails are categorized by hashtag topics for meaningful discovery


Problems Being Solved:

  • Personal: Help organize your important emails and group conversation threads regardless of subject header. e.g. #taxes #feedback #mentor #mom #sister #anniversary_2014 #student_loan #mortgage
  • Team Projects: Much of the content lives in the emails. Hashtagging relevant and milestone project emails into a central team access hub. This enable project progression tracking as oppose to creating a separate project log or copy and paste to a Wiki. e.g.  Similar to Sharepoint for Emails.
  • Work: Replaces overwhelming, unnecessary or less-critical CC’ed emails. Instead, invite users onto a Hashtag thread for them to read at their own time. e.g.  Similar to Google Docs.
  • Search: Existing Search features are inadequate, jumbles up core and non-core contents. Really requires the user to remember the content/context of the email before search can begin.
  • Sharepoint: Mostly use as storing files. Lacks files context and project description.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Archiving: Targeting managers and team lead, and those professionals who have multiple conversation theme and topics. e.g. #taxes #feedback #MicrosoftConference #references #intros #mentee #project_A #VC_deck
  • Team Collaboration and Email Transparency: Spread usage to teams about project updates, and invite others to view. e.g. Finance team can also view #storage strategies emails


  • New user would rarely begin with a zero content view.
  • Much like Sharepoint, controls will be given to creator (or starter) of the hashtag for View CC or View All access. Control can be passed along to administrator.
    • View CC – only allow users to view emails they are part of
    • View All – allow users to view all emails under the hashtag






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