Good2do is a task application that allows users to write a their to-do’s, select a due date, select a NGO or a charity organization, and write a pledge amount. If the user cannot complete their to-dos on the selected date, their pledge will automatically be donated to the NGO.

Good2do would be a great motivational tool but even if you were unable to get your list done, your pledge would be part of social good. Once their pledge is committed, it would be auto-post to the user’s Facebook and Twitter. Currently, we will use Dwolla API where users and NGO can create their own Dwolla account and transfer funds fast. In addition, we want to further gamify Good2do by providing a Challenge A Friend feature.

We want to strictly focus on small community organizations and local charities. I attended several meetups and spoke with dozen of small non-profits in the Greater New York area. They were constantly seeking for technology assistance or social media consulting; however they did not the funding for hiring. We hope that Good2do would provide the public awareness and help them raise the funds they need to spread their message.

Learned: Mobile Design, User Dynamics, Javascript, Jquery, Phonegap

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