Buffer SWOT Analysis

  • Product Strategy
    • Transparent Roadmap
    • Alignment
      • More features in the backlog are prepped for Business customers
  • Community
    • Dedicated users
      • Passionate user base willing to switch from Edgar and Instagram API to Buffer
    • Leverage community for support
      • Product council
      • Beta testers
      • Word of mouth marketing
  • Sales
    • Is the customer success team / happiness hero part of the business on-boarding team or sales team or sales engineering team?
    • Case studies are good but can be stronger use cases and value statement
    • Nature of user – need to analyze how to move up organization (ex: Land and Expand)
    • Business tier plan, free -to- $99biz -to- $899 enterprise, nothing in between
      • Need to create additional plan for anchoring
      • Business pricing plans confuse with Team pricing plans
  • Product
    • Lack synergy with all the products
      • Currently its 3 *separate* products
      • Create a foundation base or system of record and then proceed to build a social media marketing suite on top of the system of record (ex: Hubspot, Salesforce)
      • Focus on bundling jobs concepts to solve customers problems (ex: Intercom)
    • Features are unknown due to UI
      • You can post comment on Facebook posts inside Analytics; UX is unclear
    • “Non-binary Actions”
      • Highly discourage from recommending any future Post Suggestion or Hashtag Suggestions (non-binary actions) features
    • Dependency of Platforms
      • unable to use some features (tagging) due to official API
  • Developer Community
    • Need to grow developer community, low developer content
    • Currently unable to scale problem-solving to users / customers request
  • Community
    • Develop 3rd party developer community
    • Enabling developers to attain greater revenue growth
    • Promote Buffer API to unlock various use cases
    • Turn Buffer.com/extra into an App Store Directory
      • Example Slack: 8AFF2018-B7B3-4A90-BB1F-DA2FAC2A7761
    • Shine lights on Buffer culture for future engineers and technical hires
  • Buffer Platform / Product
    • Moving beyond simple workflow to take over piece of a typical company software suite, and can make Buffer as the premier software similar to Salesforce
    • What is everyone’s marketing stack, and how can it integrate well with others
      • Maximize integrations with Zapier and IFTTT
    • Leverage Buffer’s historical data for 3rd party
      • Encourage the product team to strip down and re-think about how Buffer can utilize the social media metric data it already has to build a core data foundation for businesses
      • Recommend the product team to weave in usage between the 3 products as a product strategy moving forward
      • C56F58D2-4158-498F-9EE1-CC5FE81B195F
    • Encourage customers on collaboration and build draft and creative space – because pricing based on seats
  • Sales
    • Purchase for your whole team – use professionally, everyone should be on social
    • Create more education content for feature suggestion (ex: Neil Patel-type content for “how to find best hashtags”)
    • As product move up-market, need to shape the sales conversations
  • Competitors
    • Way too many competitors of various sizes
    • Larger competitors compete against business customers – switching cost might be too high (ex: Newscred)
  • Climate
    • Seasonal purchase pattern and usage
      • Baremetric Downgrades for Businesses need to be analyze; unable to keep small business plan customers at same rate as Upgrades
    • Require sales to negotiate and tap into marketing budget for bigger clients
JTBD USERS JOBS (as study from building OzContent and analysis in Newscred & Percolate)
  1. When I, a social media strategist, have an idea and I am ready to share content, I want to easily create a text message under 140 characters, so I can post it on Twitter.
  2. When I have my social media post ready and approved, I want to schedule and post to all my social media channels at once, so that it will save me time.
  3. When I receive a notification regarding my posts, I want respond / converse to comments for every channel in one single interface, so I don’t have navigate through multiple social media sites.
  4. When I want to know what shared post resonated, I want to review analytics and metrics, so I can continue to post content from similar topics that resonated.
  5. When I want to create content, I want to group content together as “campaigns”, so I can cleanly analyze topic and group posts that resonated well.
  6. When I realize I have different use cases for my company and clients, I want to customize my Buffer scheduling needs, so I can save time by building a customized one-time workflow without adjusting my clients to our original workflow.
  7. When I finished my contract with my client, I want to switch out their social media channels easily and I can charge my clients a % share of my SaaS products usage, so I can off-board my clients cleanly and fluently without any issues.
  8. branding (url shorteners, hashtags analytics)
  9. When I want to write a draft post, I want to use a simple Wysiwyg, so I can record my thoughts without anxiety of advance editing.
  10. When I want to share ideas, I want to collaborate draft materials with my colleagues, so we can develop mindshare on our social media posts.
  11. When I am on the go, I want to be alert about trending topics, so I can capitalize on posting to social media.
  12. When I am too focus on other activities, I want to receive recommendation based on our analytics data, so I can discover opportunities when I am inactive.
  13. When I learn more about readers / followers / customers as a whole, I want to drill down a follower list and graph, so I can see which segment is more engaging.
  14. When I am uncertain about how my posts are doing, I want to request feedback from my audience, so I can further engage with them and understand if my content posts are working or not.
  15. When I feel like my posts can do better and I need more understanding, I want to receive more training, and want more learning about best-practices, so I can execute and be better at my job.
  16. When I remember or want to find out how an post did, I want to search posted content, so I can know if the post did well or not and if the overall topic area resonated.
  • minimum time on app should not be a dashboard to hang out on
  • connect from sources and feeds
    • what are users doing with the RSS sources? are they drafting on top of it immediately?
  • get hashtag, maximize exposure
  • tagging, and editing
  • looking for full stack solutions
  • publishing / engagement / reporting
  • see growth coming from all channels

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